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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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FEBRUARY 15, 1910. 


Jan. 20, 1910. 
Dear Father Jerome. 

I am going to write 
and tell you about our school, 
how we are getting along in our 
work and studies. 

Our school is located in the 
Northern part of South Dakota, 
and is on the banks of the Mis- 
souri Rivex. It is three miles 
from the State line. The church 
stands thirty rods from the 

There are ninety children here 
and our Superintendent Mr. Bau- 
man, has charge of the school. 
We have church every Sunday 
and services in the afternoon. 
And when -Father Bede is not 
here we never have church in 
the afternoon. We have school 
every day and we also have night 

We have catechism Wednes- 
day and on Tuesday nig tits the 
small girls and boys have in- 
structions too. 

We go to communion on the 
first Friday of the month. 

Every year there are some boys 
and girls who make their first 
communion and this year again 
there are some who are first 

I hope you will take interest 
in this letter. 

Yours respectf ally 
Sarah Hon a. 

Our church is about thirty rods 
from the school. 

We have church every Sunday; 
and Rev. Father Bede is the 
pastor. We have mass when he 
is here and when he goes away 
we don't have mass, but the ca- 
techist does the preaching and 
we say prayers. 
There is quite a number of 
church singers and they are do- 
ing well. I think this is all you 
care to know about our school. 

Hoping you will be interested 
in our church and school, I am 
Yours Respectfully, 
Martina Lefthand. 

Martin Kenel Boarding School, 
FT. YATES, N. D. Jan. 20, "10. 
Dear Father Jerome; 

I am going to 
write you a discription of our 
school and church. 

Our school is in the northern 
part of South Dakota, on the 
banks ot the Missouri River, 
where we get our water. 

It is three miles from the line 
which divides North and South 
Dakota. There are ninety child- 
ren at the school. Most of them 
are Catholics and very few are 
non Catholics. 

We have a Catholic Superin- 
tendent, and his wife too. is a 

We children are all in good 
health, and are doing well in our 
school-works and studies. 


On Sunday, Nov. 14. 1009 at 10 
a. m. in the Rom. Cath., church 
at Cheyenne Agency Mr Eugene 
Rousseau to Miss Lucy Clay- 
more, Rev. John Vogel officiat- 

Ceo, Claymore was the best 
man and Regina Rousseau the 
bride"s mud. N u-a, Dicharme 
was the organist and played 
some of the bride's and groom's 
favorite songs. 

The groom, a white man. is 
well and favorably known here- 
abouts having been ''boss'' car- 
penter at the Agency for about 
a year previous to his transfer to 
the Flathead reservation in Mon- 

The bride, a mixedblood is the 
oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Basil Claymore Jr., her father 
being a great worker and one of 
the richest men on the Cheyenne 
River reservation. 

On the afternoon of the wed- 
ding day the father of the bride 
gave the Indians a big feast in 
honor of the occasion. The hap- 
py couple were the recipients of 
many good wishes and also a 
number of presents. 

They will make their future 
home in Jocko. Montana, where 
the groom is filling the position 
as government carpenter. 

ties are trying to do for God's 

sake. St. Joseph's and St. Ma- 
ry's societies begun the New 
Year by doing good works for the 
love of God. Rev. Father Gro- 
the was with us New Years- day 
and said Mass in the morning 
and we all went to Mass and 
a number of us went to Commu- 
nion. Also quite a number of 
St. Joseph and St. Mary's took 
the pledge. There is lit anything 
worse than a drinking man, so 
I rejoice to see this temperence 
society begin in the year of 1910. 

This is one of the best things 
for the St. Joseph's society. All 
take the pledge from the bottom 
of your hearts for God's sake and 
keep it; and you will see how 
much better it is for yourselves 
and your families. 

We must try to do good, chris- 
tian works and live for God and 
not be ashamed to do anything 
for God's sake. We must not say: 
''after a while," when we can do a 
good work pleasing to God; we 
must never wait. Because we do 
not know what hour, minute or 
day, we are to be called to die. 
We must try to be prepared at 
any minute if we want to see 
God. We must be resigned to 
the will of God, and be pleased 
with everything he sends us, no 
matter what it may be, sickness, 
troubles or pains; we must take 
it and say. "I must deserve it or 
it would not happen to me,'' and 
pray to Almighty God, for He 
knows what is best for us. 

Trust in God, my dear St. Jo- 
seph and St. Mary's societies. 
Do good works and forgive your 
enemies from the bottom of your 
heart. Let us be friends to every- 
body and take care of our tong- 
ues, and think twice before we 
speak. We must love our neigh- 
bor as ourselves and try and 
humble ourselves as much as we 
can. A happy New Year to all. 
Mrs. Mollie Valandra. 


Dear Friends. 

I am going to write 
a few lines in the Eyanpaha to 
show our dear friends what we. 
St. Joseph and St. Mary's Socie- 

Martin Kenel Boarding School, 
FT. YATES, N. D. Jan. 20, TO. 
Dear Father Jerome. 

I am going to 
write a discription of the Martin 
Kenel School which is in the 
northern part of South Dakota 
on the banks of the Missouri 

River, three miles from the divid- 
ing lines of North and South Da- 
kota. There are about ninety 
children here at school; forty 
girls and forty -six boys. And 
our Superintendent, Mr. Bau- 
man, is a Catholic and he is good 
to us. 

There are two big separate 
buildings, one for the boys and 
the other for the girls, and some 
other buildings besides these. 
two, and a large tank from which 
we get our water from the Mis- 
souri River. There are four dor- 
mitories, two for the boys and 
two for the girls. And we have 
two school rooms one for the 
primary class and the other for 
the large class. 

We are getting along very 
nicely in our school works and 

Our church is about thirty rods 
from the school and Rev. Father 
Bede is our pastor. Father Bede 
has his house built near the 
church. We go to church every 
Sunday. But Father Bede is 
here one Sunday and goes away 
the next week to some other 
church down in South Dakota. 
We have just a few girls that 
sing in the choir and they are 
doing very nicely. We go to 
communion every month. 
Well I think that is all you would 
like to know about this school. 
Yours respectfully, 

Annie Grass. 

Martin Kenel Boarding School, 
Ft. Yates, N. D. Jan. 20, 1910. 
Dear Father Jerome: 

I will write a few 
lines. Our school is in the north- 
ern part of South Dakota about 
three miles from the line on the 
west side of the Missouri river 
right on the banks of it. 

Our church is about thirty rods 
from our school. We go to church 
every Sunday, but we don't have 
mass every Sunday, we have it 
every two weeks. Father Bede 
is our priest. We have cate- 
chism every Wednesday evening. 
There are 42 boys and 48 girls 
and 12 employees at this school, 
Some of the big boys are pack- 
ing ice for summer. I will close 
my letter. Yours truly, 

Jacob Whitebull. 

FEBRUARY 15, 1910. 

Indian Mission School, 
Stephan, S. D. Ian. 26, 1910. 
Dear Father Jerome: 

Please, insert 
the enclosed letter in the next 
issue of the Eyanpaha in accor- 
dance with the plans and speci- 
fications outlined by the Rev. F. 
Vogel of Cheyenne Agency . The 
move is certainly laudable: not 
only edifying but spiritually up- 
lifting when young people unite 
their voices in one grand chorus 
singing the praises of God and 
His Blessed Mother. 

Lucy Swifthawk, turning just 
1 'Sweet Sixteen" is a very credit- 
able musician, a good singer, bat 
is very modest about it. She has 
the confidence of the school, who 
look to her as a leader and she 
will put forth her best efforts to 
make the move a s access. '"Two 
Crows," a "'White Eagle, ' and a 
"Swift Hawk" ought to make 
very good music for a starter. 

Wishing you a long life with 
unlimited patience and success in 
God's vineyard, I am 
Your sincere Confrater in Dno. 
Rev. P. Boehm. O. S. B. 

Youth we think it is very nice as 
you say; but if you find it too 
high I would suggest the one 
found in Garland of Festival 

Composed by John Wiegand, 
Published by J. Fisher and Bro. 
No 7—11 Bible House. 
New York. 
We will practic the hymns you 
mentioned which we do not 
know. And hope you will learn 
the hymns I mentioned as they 
are all well liked by our pupils. 
We also hope to meet you next 
congress and then sing together 
God's praises. 

I was elected by our Superin- 
tendent, Rev. Pius, O. S. B. to 
answer your letter in the Supple- 
ment to the Eyanpaha. 
Yours truly, . 
Lucy Swift HXwk. 

Immaculate Conception School, 
Stephan S D, Jan. 23, 1910. 
Miss Emma White Eagle: 
Dear Emma. 

I read your letter 
written to all Indian girls of So. 

In reply will say: we sing all 
the songs you have named ex- 
cept "Daily, daily sing to Mary" 
and Accept Almighty Father." 
Having no St. Basil's Hymn 
book, we sing them in the Catho- 
lic Youth's Hymnal. We also 
sing the following from the same 
book which you have not named. 
I. Holy Queen we bend before 

2. Mother Mary at thine Altar. 

3. Mary Star of the Sea. 

4. Macula no a est in te. 

5. Morning Hymn to tiie Blessed 


6. Jesus S iviour of my soul. 

7. When our Saviour wished to 


8. O Jesus. Jesus, Dearest Lord. 
The following we sing from the 

Sacred Heart Hymn Book. 

1. All for Thee. 

2. O Sacred Heart Sweet Source. 

3. There is ho heart like Thine. 

4. What could my Jesus do more. 
I must not forget to mention 

our two favorite songs. 

Published by— P. C. Donnelly. 
735 Spruce Str. Phila. Pa. 

1, Sacred Heart in accents burn- 


2. Like a strong and raging Fire. 
Yes, we will learn the song 

mentioned, "Long live the Pope." 
Concerning the song "Welcome 
to our Pastor" in the Catholic 

Jan. 9, 1910. 
Oiyorpeyatanhan omniciye 
kin etanhan wica omniciye api- 
yapi. Lena oitancan wicayusta- 
pi. John Blue Thunder Pres. 
Henry Thin Elk Vice Pres. 
Ward White Pipe Secretary. 
Benj. Swift Crockery treasurer, 
iapi awan'ka. 
Henry Thin Elk lowan itancan. 
Allen Swift Crockery, Claude 
Eagle Pipe, Francis Scout, 
Brave Eagle na James Bear 
Thunder, okliklepi-. 
John Spotted wamnayan. 
David Bluethunder tiyopa a wan. 
Peter Big Turkey rlarla. 


Mary Blue Thunder Pres. 
Julia Brave Eagle Vice pres. 
Etta Bluethunder mazaska awan- 
yakanakun wokagege wiyopeya. 
Fannie Arm wowapi kaga. 
Maggie Swift Crockery wokage- 
ge awanyaka. Sophie Thin Elk 
lowan itancan. Mrs. Bull Eagle 
iapi awanyaka. 

Wasiouinapewm. Mrs. Bulleagle, 
Rate Run for .vard, Stella Spot- 
ted Elk, Cecilia Swift Crockery, 

Tasunkesnawin wamnayan. 
Mrs. White Shield tiyopa awan. 

Henry Herakatamahaca. 

paha yuha. Eliza Tokicunwin 
dowan itancan. Nellie Hinsawin 
iapi awanyaka. Julia Brings 

them, Ellen Oye waste win qa Em- 
ma Marpiyatowin wayazanka 
awanyanka. Louisa Upauzewin 
wokagege awanyaka heca, tka 
dehan wicasa taw 7 a kin kici wico- 
ran wakan kin ikdustanpi qa to- 
ki onyan onkiyayapi esa tan- 
yan te' ecin on mis icante mawa- 
steye. Qa nakun wicasa tawa 
kin wocekiye unkitawapi en on- 
kiyopeyapi on kte cin de icante 
onwastepi kta iyecetu; wicasa 
kin de wacinyepica kin heon he- 
pe; Haskal Isanyati eciyapi. 

Omaka Teca en tona zaniyan 
yahipi kin m icante on nape ciyu- 
zapi. Nitakuyepi wanji 

Celina Whitemouse. 

Pahayamni, Shields P. O. S. D. 

Hekta Oct. 7, hehan St. Mary 
okodakiciye oitancan apiyapi qa 

Bessie Matoziwin itancan. 
Lucy O. Walker okihe. 
Alice Owankawastewin mazaska 
awanyaka. Celina Whitemouse 
wowapi kaga. Mary Walker wa- 

Jan. 11. 1910. 

Hekta October qonhan Canpa 
Wakpa el St. mary omniciye api- 
kiyapi na lena oitancan wicayu- 

Grace Flyingby itancan. 
Emily Hunter okihe. 
Laura E. Brown wo warn kaga. 
Jose. Chargingeagle mazaska 
awanyaka. Agnes swan lowan 
itancan. Mary Holybull iapi 
awanyaka. Z. Poor Elk na Lucy 
Fatclown wayaian awanyakapi. 
Louisa White- weasel wokagege 
awanyaka. Mary Li+tle Crow 
wamnayan. Louisa Yellowshield 
wapaha yuha. Maggie Fish- 
man, Alice Dogarrn, Sarah Yel- 
low-owl na Alice Fish wigliglapi. 
Jennie Eagle-chasing wayaza 

Mitakupepi winyan kin lena St. 
Mary okolakiciye kin okinniyan 
tokatakiya wi akenonpa qon he 
wocekiye okna kiksupapi manipi 
kta ca wicayustanpi. 

Wakantanka to waste on nape 

Laura E. Browndog. 

Martin Kenel Boarding School. 

FT. Yates, N. D. Jan. 20, 1910. 
Dear Father Jerome. 

I' am going to write 
a description of our church and 
cchool. , Our school is in the 
northern part of South Dakota 
on the banks of the Missouri R. 
where we get our water. It is 3 
miles from the line which divides 
North and South Dakota. Our 
church is a little way from the 

There are ninety children here } 
most of them are Catholics. 

Our superintendent and his 
wife are also Catholics. 

We have church every Sunday, 
and Rev. Father Bede is our 
pastor. When he is here we have 
mass, and when he goes away, 
the catechist preaches and we 
say the prayers. There is quite a 
number of church singers in the 
choir, and they are doing well. 
We children are all in good 
health and getting along fine in 
our school works. 

Yours respectfully, 
Cecilia Graybear. 

FT. TOTTEN, N. D. Jan. 30, "10. 
Kangipaha St. Mary okodaki- 
ciye etanhan mazaska wnkcemna 
$10-00 Mazaska Awanyaka Wan- 
jina kin en eknakapi. HecenN. 
Dakota en St. Joseph qa St. Ma- 
ry okodakiciye okaspe sakowin 
yaunpi qa hena ecen trustees wi- 
caduhapi kin hena wanna kiksu- 
yapi qa abdezapi qa hena token 
on wicaduhapi kin akibdezapo. 
Kangipaha en St. Joseph qa St. 
Mary okodakiciye unpi kin he- 
nana wicayaktapi kte snL hena 
Wakantanka toyawaste kin iye 
ikdamnapi kta. Niye nicamnapi 
kte sni tona wi kata esta anpetu 
owasin rtanipi kinhan hena iye 
woyawaste kin he kamnapi kta; 
qa tona taku tokon sni najinpi 
kinhan hena takuna kamnapi kte 
sni. John Strait. 

Mazaska Awanyaka wanjina. 


Jan. 20. Paha-yamni 
Philip One Hawk % -55 

Jan. 30, Kangipaha 
St. Mary's society 10-00 

Wanna ataya $429-21 

Rosebud, S. D. 
St. Joseph okolakiciye api- 
yapi na lena oitancan yuhpi. 

William Bear Shield itancan. 
Henry Big Crow okihe. 
Jos. Crow Eagle wowapi kaga. 
Paul Notstamned mazaska awa. 
Ugly-wild-horse wiyokihe aya. 
Levie Eagle Ckief wocekiye eya. 
John Yellow Elk iapi awanyaka. 
Croweagle tiyopa awanyaka. 
Eaglewolf wayazan awanyaka. 
Silas Standingbear, Will. Crow 
Good, James. Bearshield, Joe 
Larviu, Tom Fire, ' na George 
Croweagle ogliglepi. 

Lena wi ake nonb Wakantanka 
etkiya wowasi econpi kta. Wo- 
cekiye nitawapi el onyeksuyapi 
wacin. Oyasin cantewasteya 

nape ciyuzapi. 

Joseph Croweagle.